Our prices

Depending on the nature and complexity of the matters in respect of which you instruct us, the legal work undertaken by us may be carried out by one or more than one of our legal team. We will calculate the fees that we charge you for this work based on the time that we spend carrying it out. We will do that by charging for the work done at an hourly rate or hourly rates, if more than one member of our team is involved. We charge different hourly rates for each fee earner. We charge £330 per hour for our partner solicitor David Halliday, £270 per hour for our solicitor Lynn McMahon and £150 for our legal clerks or paralegals. These figures include vat. 

For the purposes of recording the time for which we charge, an hour is split into ten units of six minutes each and any time spent will be recorded and charged in units, rounded up to the next whole unit. We do not offer any free advice or free initial consultation or discussion. From the point you first contact us, we will charge you a minimum of one unit each time we carry out any work in relation to your affairs. You will be liable to pay us for that work even if, for example, our advice after carrying it out is that you do not have any claim or defence. The work for which we will charge a minimum of one unit will include, as examples and not an exclusive list: sending, making, or receiving and considering correspondence, telephone calls and emails and holding meetings and discussions, all both with you and others; perusing, drafting and revising documents, statements and pleadings; thinking about, considering and researching matters as they arise; supervising and liaising with other solicitors or members of our team working on the same case or matter and discussing and considering matters with them; preparing for, conducting, attending, and reporting on court hearings; meetings, visits and inspections; travelling and waiting time; recording work done in file and attendance notes. In addition to our fees, you will be liable to pay and court or tribunal fees which have to be paid if matters proceed to litigation or hearing stage. We may need to instruct sheriff officers or messengers-at-arms to serve documents on your behalf and we may also have to engage the services of an advocate or barrister or instruct an expert witness to produce a report. You will be liable to pay the fees charged for these services. Court fees can typically range from a few tens of pounds to several hundred and advocates' and experts' fees can be several thousands, in very complex cases tens of thousands. 

There is no such thing as a typical court case and it would be misleading to suggest that there is. We can therefore only give you a better idea of what the actual cost of our services might be once you have given us some detail of what it is you would like us to do, at which point we can advise you better.