Privacy Notice

What information do we collect?
We may collect the following types of information about you:
•identity data (including your name, marital status, title, date of birth, sex, a copy of your passport, driving licence and other identifying documents)
•contact data (your home and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other means of contacting you)
•financial data (including your bank details and payments made by you and to you)
•contractual data (information obtained as a result and in connection with providing legal services to you)
•communications data (information contained in letters, emails and and other communicaitons between)
•public data (information about you that is publicly available, including on the internet)

We will only collect and use these the following types of information ("Special Category Data") where necessary and if the law allows us to:
•your racial or ethnic origin
•your political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs
•your trade union membership or affiliation
•your genetic or biometric data used to identify you
•your health data
•your sex life and sexual orientation
•your criminal convictions

How will we get it?
We may collect personal information about you from:
•others who refer you to us, including other lawyers
•credit reference agencies and
•publicly available resources (whether freely avaialble or available on subscription), such as the Registers of Scotland, Companies House and
•social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
•other professionals and businesses of whom you are also a client
•other solicitors, sheriff officers, messengers-at-arms, expert witnesses, courts, adjudicators, arbiters and others that we engage (or have engaged us) in connection with the services that we provide to you

How do we use it?
We may use information about you for the following purposes and reasons:
•to provide you with legal services and fulfil our contractual obligations to you, on the basis of contractual performance, your consent and our legitimate interests (including the exercise of our contractual rights and the maintenance of accurate records and client matter files)
•to verify and check your identity and carry our anti-money laundering procedures, on the basis of legal obligation, contractual performance, your consent and our legitimate interests (including to comply with our obligations to engage you as a client check and verify your identity and address)
•to conduct our business in a proper and efficient manner, to comply with financial reporting regulations and requirements, and to manage and address complaints and claims made about or against us, on the basis of legal obligation, contractual performance, your consent and our legitimate interests (including the exercise of our rights to maintain a record of the work carried out, and outlays incurred, for you, to invoice you for the services we provide, to recover payments due to us and to deal with payments to and from you and others, to defend ourselves against claims or complaints made against us and to protect our reputation)
•to report criminality or the suspicion of criminality, on the basis of legal obligation and our legitimate interests (including complying with any statutory duty to report suspected criminal activity, including money laundering, and protecting ourselves or others against such activity)
•to provide you with details of the services we provide and other advice and guidance and advertise, market and develop our services and business, on the basis of your consent and our legitimate interests (including to seek new business and to maintain and develop our relationship with you)

Who will see it?
We (including our partners and employees) will have access to your personal information. In addition we may share it with outside parties including:
•your opponents in any dispute or court case, or the other parties involved in any transaction, in relation to which you instruct us and any solicitors or other persons engaged by them or acting on their behalf
•agents and service providers whom we engage in the provision of our products and services, including solicitors, counsel, Faculty Services, intermediaries, consultants, expert witnesses, courts, law accountants, sheriff officers and messengers-at-arms, third party payees, search agents and insurance brokers
•the police and other law enforcement agencies, HMRC and other government bodies where necessary for the purpose of providing you with our services or complying with a legal or regulatory obligation to do so
•public information registers and resources, such as Companies House and the Registers of Scotland
•regulators such as the Information Commissioner's Office, the Law Society of Scotland and the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
•other professional advisers and agents engaged by you
•anyone else to whom you give us your clear, express, prior consent to reveal your data

For how long will we keep it?
We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary with regard to the purposes for which it was collected and the need to comply with legal and regulatory duties.

In relation to matters in which we act for clients, we follow the guidelines issued by the Law Society of Scotland concerning the retention of client files. This means that we may retain client matter or case files (or electronic copies), including personal information about you and others contained in them, for a period of 10 years from the date on which we last provide services, or carried out work, in connection with the matter or case. There are some documents (such as court decrees) which we may retain for longer periods. If you wish to check how long we may hold your particular personal information in relation to a particular matter then please e-mail

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